Our concept

Restaurant specialised in the famous Canadian dish "Poutine"

Poutine is Quebec's most popular and iconic fast food dish. Therefore, a Quebec woman had to open the first restaurant entirely dedicated to Poutine in Brussels. Authenticity guaranteed up until the skouik of the cheese.

They talk about us

Our story

At Charny's snack bar, everyone knew Ti-Bi! Ti-Bi was my grandfather, it was he who shared with me the passion of the Poutine with its melting cheese in grain and its crispy fries browned by a velvety and tasty sauce.

When i arrived in Belgium, I tried everything to find the taste of my childhood. The sauce, I've always knew the secret, the Belgian fries would do the job, but when it came to the cheese it became a real quest. Grated cheese: too many filaments, mozzarella: too much water, halloumi: too salty! I needed the grain cheese that exists only in the beautiful province that makes the Poutine! In the end, it was in Herve that I found my happiness! A small artisanal cheese factory has agreed to make cheese that "skouik", the only one, the real one, especially for Ti-Bi.